Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

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Princess Mako, the cousin of the Japanese emperor, was reportedly diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after a four-year struggle to marry her university sweetheart, who was obsessed with the country and criticized his family money matters.

Word of her condition, reminiscent of the stress-related illness that afflicted both her aunt, the Japanese Empress, and the grandmother, the former Empress, appeared Friday when it was announced that her marriage would take place later this month.

Japan’s Imperial Family is small due to the reorganization after the war: Mako is one of three unmarried adult princesses, making her choice of partner a matter of intense national importance.

The engagement between the princess and Kei Komuro, a 30-year-old native of Yokohama who works at a law firm in New York, was first announced in 2017. die brouhaha in the UK about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the royal family.

The media has expressed allegations that Komuro’s mother, who raised her son alone, is experiencing financial difficulties with his former fiancée, which has drawn criticism that he was not a suitable royal spouse.

The interest in the couple reached a fever height this week when Komuro arrived from the USA with a ponytail, an appearance that was considered by the Japanese pony newspaper to be dangerously unconventional for the princess’ suitor.

In accordance with Japanese rules, Mako’s marriage, which will reportedly take place on October 26, will formally separate her from the royal show, deprive her of imperial family status and allow her to live as an ordinary man. The couple plans to move to New York, a decision that has contributed to the outrage of certain resorts of the Japanese media.

In an extremely unusual move, the Imperial Household Agency announced on Friday that Mako plans to turn down a $ 1.4 million dowry when she marries Komura, according to state broadcaster NHK. The agency declined to comment.

Traditionally, Japanese princesses are given a one-time compensation when they start their life as an ordinary person, in order to maintain a certain standard of living. But Mako, according to reports in the face of public criticism, decided not to take the money when she started her new life with Komuro in New York.

The wedding is expected to be a tranquil event with traditional ceremonies to confirm the engagement which is also not performed. When Mako’s aunt, Princess Nori, married her ordinary husband – a bureaucrat from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2005 – the wedding took place in a central hotel in Tokyo.

Japanese media said that Mako has been suffering from PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, lack of concentration and lethargy since 2018. Officials said the criticism the couple had experienced since their engagement “frightened her that she would lead a peaceful and happy life after the marriage. Become impossible”.

Mako is the third female member of the royal family caused by stress after Empress Masako suffered from chronic depression and former Empress Michiko overcame temporary speech loss.

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