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A Jerusalem court has postponed a hearing on the eviction of a Palestinian family in Sheikh Jarrah’s East Jerusalem neighborhood due to rising tensions in recent days.

At least 90 Palestinians were injured when Israeli police attacked protesters outside the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday evening, as thousands of Muslim worshipers prayed at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, on the holy night of Laylat. Al Qadr.

The violence comes after Israeli forces attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday night and wounded more than 200 Palestinians. The Israeli military says 17 of its officers have been wounded in the past two days.

Tensions have risen in Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank during the Muslim month of Ramadan, and Gaza over the possible eviction of Palestinian families in Sheikh Zararah over claims by illegal Jewish settlers.

Israeli security forces were on high alert on Sunday to extend the day beyond what Israelis called Jerusalem Day on Monday. Many Israelis mark the day of the 1967 occupation of East Jerusalem in Jerusalem – and later embraced by Israel – marching in Jerusalem every year.

Here are the latest updates:

Former Israeli minister – hopefully ‘very’ Netanyahu’s government has ‘disappeared’ politically

Former Israeli Justice Yossi Bailin said he hoped the Netanyahu government would “disappear politically” in the next few days and form a new, more sensitive government.

“I’m really hopeful that the greater the bias on both sides, which is reasonable, the last thing they need is the Israeli police entering Haram al-Sharif,” Bilin said.

“Perhaps the new Israeli government will play a role in ending this millennial intellectual conflict.”

Former Israeli Justice Yossi Bilin [Al Jazeera]

Sheikh Zararah’s family condemned the court’s delay

Sheikh Zararah’s family has condemned a Jerusalem court’s decision to delay Monday’s eviction hearing in the East Jerusalem neighborhood, and called for more solidarity with the family on the ground and through social media.

The families said in a press release sent to Al Jazeera that they expected the decision and that the decision did not mean the case was over. In contrast, the occupation violence against them did not stop and they all needed support, the statement said.

‘Don’t allow violent unrest’: Israeli PM

Speaking as the chief guest at a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel “will not allow any extremists to be destabilized in Jerusalem.” We will enforce law and order with decision and responsibility. ”

“We will uphold freedom of worship for all religions, but we will not allow violence to cause trouble,” he said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wearing a mask to protect himself from the COVID-19 epidemic, attended a special cabinet meeting on the occasion of ‘Jerusalem Day’ at the city’s municipal building in 921, 2121. [Amit Shabi/POOL/AFP]

‘Enough of the conflict’: Pope

On Sunday, Pope Francis expressed concern over the violence in Jerusalem and called on all to work for a “joint solution” to “honor the diversity and multicultural identity of the holy city.”

“I pray that this is not a place of conflict, but a place of prayer and peace,” Francis told people gathered in St. Peter’s Square in his remarks on Sunday afternoon.

“Violence only breeds violence. Enough collisions! Pontiff added.

Jerusalem court delays Sheikh Zarah’s eviction hearing

Israel’s justice ministry has said it will delay a key hearing on Monday in which a Palestinian family could be shown the way to an illegal Jewish settlement from a house in East Jerusalem.

“In all circumstances and at the request of the Attorney General, a regular 10-month hearing will be held tomorrow, May 2021. [is] “It will schedule a new hearing within 30 days,” it said in a statement.

Dozens of Palestinians and several Israeli police officers have been injured in recent clashes in the Sheikh Jarah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, a scene Long-standing land disputes And Flashpoint is located a short step from the sacred sites.

[Al Jazeera]

Jordan warns Israel against ‘barbaric’ attack on mosque: statement

Jordan on Sunday called on Israel to stop describing the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem as a “barbaric” attack on worshipers, saying it would increase international pressure.

“What the Israeli police and special forces are doing is barbaric, from violating mosques to attacking worshipers. [behaviour] Which is rejected and condemned, ”the government said in a statement.

Jordan, a conservative of Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem, said Israel should worship Arab rights and respect international law.

Israeli forces attacked al-Aqsa on Friday evening and wounded more than 200 Palestinians by firing rubber-coated bullets, tear gas and stun grenades.

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