Joe Biden’s fight has just begun

I know most Democrats are positively amused about Joe Biden’s presidency. This man is like a political warrior, using government forces to wreak havoc since the worst economic crisis. Within 100 days. His Job planning, Covid crisis management And transfers the country to a system that rewards Work not resources It involves changes that have been expected for decades. The program includes high labor standards and a beautiful tax system, Invest in healthcare, child care and education, And more Elastic supply chain. Even Republicans have better board on things like roads and broadband

Biden is offering something like The federal agreement uses union labor and protects US trade interests, Can be done with a pen stroke from the White House. But multitrillion-dollar stimulus programs need to do Passed through Congress. It depends on Democrats keeping a slim house majority (Senate split 50-50). Even if the plan is passed, implementation will be complicated.

The practical details of many of the programs – how they will roll out, which agencies (state or federal) will be in charge, and how they will be funded – are still very few. However, as more concrete plans emerge, they are more likely to be trade-involved between interested groups. Really when hard work begins.

First, there should be a normal consideration between politics and policy, which is especially important before the midterm elections, where Democrats can lose the gap in their support system in the House.

Survey show Both Republicans and Democrats want new bridges and infrastructural investment in broadband. The question is where the money first flows. A huge percentage of building trades unionists voted for Donald Trump in the last election. These voters, most of whom are in the swing state, will soon want initial spending on shovel-ready projects so that a large number of workers can work faster, the president acknowledged In his speech to Congress last week, Calls for a “blue-collar blueprint” plan to “make his jobs better.”

Reconstruction of bridges and roads is certainly necessary and provides opportunities for ribbon cutting. But Strong broadband A few of the lower populations are rural but mostly in large urban areas, arguably more important. Yet such efforts are not uncommon. Early investments will go into equipment rather than humans, and the process of laying cable and fiber is slower. The same goes for things like strengthening the semiconductor supply. The foundry does not take months to build.

This refers to the tension between short-term vs. long-term priorities. The US capital markets and especially venture capitalists want quick results and big exits. But it is a multi-decade proposal to restructure the industry and transform it into a green economy. This may require a completely new long-term funding system, such as a public infrastructure bank, not to mention industrial policy commitments.

It also needs the support of allies. The biggest challenge for the President may be to bridge the gap between what is sold at home and what is sold abroad. In a speech to Congress, Biden said he had talked to world leaders who believed the United States was “back” but wanted to know “how much longer?” Europeans want to be able to rely on American political stability before committing to a liberal democratic alliance on trade, taxes and technology, especially importance Sino-EU trade relations.

Europe and America need each other and work together to develop the digital alliance they provide A liberal-democratic alternative State-based surveillance capitalism in big-tech monopolies not represented by Beijing-style or Silicon Valley groups. Europe understands that the long-term interests of Europeans and Americans are at stake, even if the long-term interests of Europeans and Americans are at stake, as European and American corporate stakeholders are lobbying for priority and protection by strengthening ties with Washington over Europeans.

For example, Apple and Google are fighting buyers, Siemens and BASF over parental rules, and Europeans are concerned about who will get the value share of the digital economy in the 21st century. Germany will have zero ground on how all this will work, as the United States pressures the country to choose between different 5G and chip systems. In this war, German exporters, who sell to both America and China, will have to lose a lot. A lawyer representing strong U.S. labor interests recently told me: “Germany is trying both ways with China, they can’t.”

Biden cannot be both a pro-Labor president and one who is easily seen going to Big Tech. Huge lobbying presence in Silicon Valley Washington, both ribbons are in the pockets of politicians. The Uberization More types of work, Failure of union workers To organize in technology companies like Amazon and argue that platform monopolies should not be broken because they have to be big To protect America’s national economic interests All threaten Biden’s view as “not wealth.” The battle of these political warriors has just begun.

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