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Joe Rogan is announcing the UFC 269 official weight-in at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 10, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joe Rogan is announcing the UFC 269 official weight-in at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 10, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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In publicity Scientifically unfounded Theory The coronavirus epidemic that triggered “mass psychosis” and switched to one Fruit and meat diet, Extremely popular podcaster Joe Rogan has found time to activate the MAGA-themed social media site Gettr. Surprisingly, she hates it.

In January. 2, Rogan Posted to Gettr That “if the filth on Twitter gets worse, I’m here now.” It clearly took him more than a week to regret this decision. Later round of gloating Not to mention the number of new sign-ups from Gettr CEO and former Trump aide Jason Miller Breathless praise Conservatives are convinced that the decision justifies the idea of ​​their persecution by left-wing overlords on Facebook and Twitter. stupid, busted mess That sucks big time.

According to Daily Beast, Rogan mocked the site on Monday at The Team Dillon show as a “fugitive” operation that is full of “fakari”, telling host Dillon that he’s not even sure if he can delete his Gettr account without doing something new. Rogue Rogan took special issue with Gate’s practice of juicing the number of followers and increasing his perception of the overall effect by displaying the number of Twitter followers on a user’s Gettr profile.

“I can be part of the Chinese Communist Party now, I believe,” Rogan joked on the show, referring to fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, who runs a Small empire Of conspiracy-tinged Media operation. Guo seems to have basically bankrolled Gettr Under its previous name, Getonme, a kind of vanity project for its cult-like group of followers, and it claims “virus truth” before moving on to the MAGA crowd.

“Well, the news story is that the number of people signing up with them has increased by 1,150 percent or something,” Rogan added. Dillon replied, “Yes, you have 9 million followers on Gator.”

“Yeah, that’s not real, though,” Rogan explained. “Gettr doesn’t even have 9 million people … that’s where adultery is. They take all my Twitter followers … and then port them. “

“So the gator is Fugazi,” Dillon said.

“Of course Fugaji,” Rogan continued. “… I don’t know how to get off. As I get down from the gator, I don’t think I can. “

“You have to sit down personally with Marjorie Taylor Green,” Dillon replied, to which Rogan added, “He’ll tell me all about what’s in the basement of Comet Pizza.”

Currently, Rogan’s Gettr profile states that he has “1.2M GETTR followers” and “9M total followers”. A lot Screenshot on Twitter Show that Gettr seems to have pushed an update in the last few days that changed the way this number of followers was displayed, as it previously stated that it had “8.9M followers” without additional context.

One of their top-profiles is now trashing the site, probably too embarrassing for Gettr. The site already has to contend with a star of conservatives and other special sites for the Conservatives, from the parlor to the neo-Nazi hub gab, and may soon face a direct challenge from Miller’s former boss, Trump, who is launching an initiative called Truth Social. Miller advised Gizmodo in a statement that the company had assured Rogan that they would not actually suck, citing the site’s practice of cloning Twitter followers as relevant to future effectiveness rather than desperate gambling.

“We have contacted Joe Rogan’s team and hope that we have resolved any of his concerns,” Miller said in a statement. “The number of followers on GETTR includes Twitter followers because we will soon include cross-platform posting, which means that when you post on GETTR, it will automatically post on Twitter at the same time. This number shows your true reach. ”

“We’re a six-month-old company, and despite being the fastest growing social media platform in history, we’re still working to improve every day,” Miller added. “The truth is, we’re already offering a much more advanced platform than our Silicon Valley competitors, with a promise to protect freedom of speech and the privacy of our users.” (Gettr Hall Loaded with tracker Silicon Valley competitors for Facebook and Google.)

Asked if he understood the meaning of the word “fugazi”, Miller replied: “Fugaji is a word that is generally considered interchangeable with gizmodo.” It’s understandable that he could feel that way, because Miller lost One nine two Iz 100 million defamation suit against Gizmodo parent company G / O Media.

Since the January 2 tweet, Rogan seems to have uploaded only one post to Gettr that doesn’t even appear on his Twitter profile: a 28-second video Shooting his goal with the caption “Perishable Skills”.

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