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John Deere has spent the last few months feeding the line about the supposedly great wages and benefits when 10,000 plant workers went on strike for five weeks. Now that it has reached an agreement with the union, it can easily breathe and Profit release! $ 6 billion so far, $ 7 billion at the end of the year The horizon is oneIts profit has doubled compared to last year. From that Charging farmers Its ownership is a premium for replacement parts. Part of that is because of not paying workers a little more than that comfortable surplus.

Final union-approved agreement, Deere’s previous “best and final offer,” 10% grant Salary increase in 2021 and 20% Increases overall in four years. This sounds great, until you learn that 10% Increases can mean salary barriers Less than $ 4,000 For something Long time worker. John Deere says that On average, employees have already made about 60,000; Labor reporter Jonah Furman Says It simply makes an alternative reality, habitual, month-long unpaid cut factor.

Employees are expected to receive a decent salary with performance-based growth, but they are not sure, Furman said, as they rely on 115% of the entire department meeting. Its increasing quota.

In a press release on John Deere’s 2021 financial, Chairman and CEO John C. May said the agreement “represents our ongoing commitment to provide the best wages and benefits in the class.” This is true for himHis company gave him an over 150% To raise বছর 15.5 million last year.

For everyone else, we know that thousands of workers strike only when the situation is so dire that losing a month and a half of salary and keeping your income in line seems to be the best option for your future.

Gizmodo was unable to reach John Deere for comment. We’ll update the post if we hear back.

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