Johnson, Johnson to pay $ 2.1bn in talc cancer case after Supreme Court rejection

Johnson and Johnson will have to pay ১ 2.1 billion to harm women who blame their ovarian cancer for the drug manufacturer’s baby powder asbestos after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the case.

The verdict was the largest against the agency, which has fought a wave of lawsuits and lost several lawsuits because thousands of people have claimed the products caused cancer. An appeal that was filed Tuesday in Missouri relating to a case involving 22 women was denied Tuesday.

“The court’s decision not to review the Inamham case leaves unresolved significant legal questions that state and federal courts will continue to face,” J&J said. Does not create. “

Last year the company said Sale off Its baby powder sales in the US and Canada have dropped by 60 per cent in three years.

Supreme Court judges upheld Missouri State Court ruling, where the jury ordered J&J to pay. 7 4.7bn In losses, though, those fines were later reduced to 2.12bn.

In November, Missouri State Court rejected J&J’s appeal hearing, sending the case to the country’s highest court. The drugmaker argued that by combining multiple separate talcum powder-related claims for trial before a single jury, the trial violated J&J’s due process rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Shares of J&K in New York fell 1.6 percent on Tuesday morning after it became clear it would not have a chance to publicize the argument and would have to pay the prize instead.

Several large U.S. business groups, including the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, supported the agency’s application.

Talcum powder is made from mineral talc, a substance with asbestos in its natural form that can cause cancer. The healthcare industry confirmed in 1976 that not all talc products have asbestos detection standards.

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