Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Our world is Facing the most complex challenge of all time. Although the last decade has begun a dramatic technological acceleration, the last 18 months have begun a tectonic social change in how we live, work and connect. Creating sustainable and strategic solutions to these challenges – both from communal action and heroic innovation – requires rebuilding our public discourse and even how we think. First RE: Welcome to WIRED.

And today we are announcing a slate of new speakers and sessions for the event taking place on 9th and 10th November. It’s a series of virtual conversations between technologists and leaders in science, cybersecurity, industry and entertainment who are thinking hard about it. The consequences of technology on society, the economy, sustainability and our future.

“At WIRED, we tell the stories of people who have worked through the biggest challenges in the world,” said Gideon Lichfield, WIRED’s Global Editorial Director. “I look forward to hearing from each of our speakers at RE: WIRED, because whether their work ends in success or failure or is still going on, we can learn a lot by discussing difficult issues with some of the most determined issues on the planet. The solver. “

RE: Wired speakers include:

  • Modern CEO Stephen Bansel And founding director of the BU Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy and Research Nahid Vadelia Upstairs mRNA evolution.
  • Digital artist Mike Winkelman, Aka Bipal, how technology is changing our perception of what industry is.
  • Independent scholar Timnit Gabru On Speak the truth From biased algorithms.
  • Author of science fiction Neil Stephenson On world-building-and world-stabilization.
  • The director of the US government’s civil cyber defense agency Jane Easterly On the curse of ransomware.
  • Actor John Cho And Cowboy Bebop Shoranar Andre Nemek From anime to live-action.
  • CEO of Synovation Ventures Kai-fu Li And the founder and CEO of Johanna Yoki Matsuoka About what the future of AI should look like.

Registration for the event is free and available Here. Registered participants will have access to live RE: WIRED content and will be able to submit speaker questions.

We hope you can join us!

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