Jordan’s conspiracy points to outside intervention

Jordan is a haven of stability compared to the unrest in the region, although its Hashemite dynasty’s royal court was shaken by conspiracies from time to time. This is one of those times.

The golden standards of the late King Hussein’s compassionate Arab dictatorship in the West, plots, coups, uprisings, three Arab-Israeli wars, two Gulf Wars, a civil war with the Palestinians, and his 46-year rule.

His son, King Abdullah, has been on the throne since 1999 and on Saturday placed Hussein’s fourth wife, Prince Hamza, the eldest son of Queen Noor of American descent, under house arrest. Amman says it has been unveiled “Security and stability” is a conspiracy of threats Of the country.

Sixteen people have been arrested, including associates of Hamzah’s palace, who were stripped of their crown prince in 2004 when Abdullah announced his first son, Hussein, as his successor.

The two detainees are Awdallah, a former resident of King Abdullah’s court, and Sharif Hassan bin Zayed, a former finance minister and a minor. Awdallah was the king’s envoy to the Saudi court, where he became the crown prince of Mohammed bin Salman and consultant as the de facto ruler. Bin Zayed was previously Jordan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, Dr. Sunday Authorities have been monitoring the plot for some time and have been unable to “communicate with foreign parties at the right time to destabilize Jordan.” Some Jordanian officials have denied Hamza’s role, saying the conspirators used his “maya and aspirations” to further their own interests.

It’s not towards its face, a bud has curled up. It was the army chief who told Hamza to stop his activities. The army and confrontation, the powerful intelligence service, the core of the Hashemite regime, are among the East Bank or the original Jordanian tribes, crossing the Jordan River from the West Bank through the Arab Wars in 1947 and 1967, as opposed to the Palestinian majority. With Israel.

But Prince Hamzah is more than a confusing person. “He’s been swimming in dirty water for years,” said one of the king’s confidants.

Educated for the kingdom from birth, he looks, speaks and dresses like his late father, and cultivates conservative tribal leaders, Jordan’s struggling economy and unemployment, its corruption and patronage, and growing neutral dictatorship – all of which Prince Hamza denies. Video Asking to give up.

“I am not responsible for the fragility, corruption and incompetence of the regime that has prevailed in our governance structure for the last 15 to 20 years and is getting worse,” Hamza said.

Outsiders tend to focus on Jordan’s Palestinian population as a security challenge, but Jordanian elites are wary of unrest in the natural electoral area ruled by East Bank tribes. In fact, Prince Abdullah was then the commander of the elite special forces, who resigned Bread riot 1999 throughout the Southern loyalists. It and a court-martial between the parties that included Hamza, Abdullah won the throne.

“It’s a family issue and they’re dealing with it as a family,” Foreign Minister Safadi said at the end of the week. Prince Hamza’s videos offer otherwise but on Monday night he signed one Obedience is a public commitment To the king

King Abdullah is backed in the West and perhaps by his Western allies. However, it is seen Strain with Israel And Saudi Arabia, which intersects Jerusalem. Jordan has doubts that the South House wants Supervise Islamic sites in the city The price of Saudi Arabia with Israel was from the Hashemites in 1925 – from whom the crown prince Mohammed Dada took the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. More conspiracies will come.

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