Kathy Wood’s ETF wealth has dropped below 40 40 billion, but loyal fans are hanging on. Financial market news

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, the founders of Arak Investment Management LLC now control 39 39.7 billion in funds transacted in the United States.

With the recent haze of tech, Cathy Wood managing her ETF lineup has seen cash drop to just under ৪ 40 billion – but her loyal fan base is basically hanging in the balance.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, the founder of Arc Investment Management LLC now controls মার্কিন 39.7 billion in its U.S. exchange-traded funds, down from $ 0 billion at the peak of February. The firm is now the eleventh largest issuer in the United States, compared to seventh place earlier this year.

A large part of the loss was due to the rapid decline in the value of its holdings, which led to a rise in prices and speculation with lots of runs. Its flagship RK Innovation ETF (RKK) has dropped about 35% from its high. Nevertheless, during the period of determining the efficiency of the people’s expulsion, some expected only ড 8 million from the fund in April and ৩০ 1,301 million so far in May, compared to the তিন 1.1 billion added in the first three months. Years.

“It appears that investors still believe in Kathy Wood’s philosophy and think that the tension is probably short-term,” said Mohit Bajaj, ETF’s director for Wallachbeth Capital.

In fact, the firm’s ETFs have so far taken ১৫ 15.3 billion in 2021. Eight product lineups – six actively managed funds and two tracking schedules – have lost a total net nearly 800 800 million since the end of February.

Although retail activity in the brand market has declined, it seems that day traders are ready to stick with Orcs. Of the ৮ 26 billion added to the fund’s households since November, about ১ 1.1 billion could be attributed to retail investors, according to a report by Wanda Research.

Analysts Ben Onatibia and Giacomo Piratoni wrote, “During the period when Orc ETFs received large discounts, investors actually bought dives, highlighting the issue of more institutional-retail divisions,” analysts Ben Onatibia and Giacomo Piratoni wrote.

Throughout the recession, Wood has repeatedly said that his strategy has not changed and that he has invested in a five-year horizon. He even visited Twitter Inc., Roku Inc., Skills Inc. last week. And Pelton Interactive Inc. added to its states.

Some are now asking how long the drop in funds will last, especially if buyers take action. At 1 a.m. in New York, ARK rose 3.3% in its first trade.

Open interest in RKK bullish call options is at an all-time high, and similarly the activity that arose in the Bearish Putt deal historically preceded a bounce, writes Chris Murphy of Suscahana International Group in a note.

“It’s oversold on a technical basis,” said Matt Malley, chief market strategist at Miller Tabak & Co., “Weak hands are already sold out, so we’re in‘ wait and see ’mode now. If Orc funds can bounce strongly, all clear flags can be raised.

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