Katy Perry’s Pokemon song video is a subtle node to a badass gym leader

A Pikachu and his Katy Perry.

A Pikachu and his Katy Perry.
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To celebrate Pokemon 25th Anniversary of the Franchise, Pokemon Company is releasing Special, limited edition merchandise And partnering with artists like Mock Miller and Kat Perry means Pok পোmon-themed music is meant to capture your heart. Perry’s new song, “Electronic” is the first track from the upcoming Pokemon 25, And while it’s a perfectly pleasing energy pop ballad, it’s also a consensus among the franchise’s first steel-type experts.

The “electric” video shows Perry and his Pikachu wandering through a Hawaiian forest that leads them to the coast, where they find a huge lighthouse that inspires the couple to be reminded of their history together. After Perry and his Pikachu lighthouse climb, they moved to a moment in the past before Perry became a well-known celebrity and developed into the current form of Pichu (Pikachu’s first stage).

Although Perry and his Pikachu know what’s in store for both of them, their younger partners don’t, and the young Perry is already beginning to sing his heart out in front of strangers with ease, the “electronic” video pushes himself about the old Perry he needs. As young Perry and Pichu follow them unknowingly wandering around the city, their future prosperity works in the shadows to persuade their young souls to take part in the upcoming talent show. The spark Perry in his past represents the red sea that repeatedly lights up, and it all fits together with the general electrical theme of the video.

Although the only Pokমনmon in the “electric” video are Pikachu and Pichu, the presence of a lighthouse and a costume by Perry make the second-generation feel like an unhealthy node compared to the original plot point. Pokemon Games When you first visit Olivine City in the Johto area Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, And Pokemon Crystal, Jim the leader, has no way to fight Jasmine at first due to her temporary resignation to deal with a problem with her local lighthouse defect. Located on the shores of the Olivine Sea, the huge glitter lighthouse is relied upon to help navigate ships along the coast. But this world Pokemon, The lighthouse at Oliven is powered by a Peliper, An electric type of Pokemon whose bulbs illuminate the tail with a flash of light.

In both the game and the anime, Jamin only agrees to fight after he has recovered from his amphoteric illness, and when the particular protagonist does not appear in the music video, it certainly feels as if director Carlos LaPage has put Estrada Jasmine and the amphorous story here. Although a stamp-up amphores lightshow was seen with quite a few scenes, the way more people can recognize Pikachu and tell them what they can do. But the next time you hear the word “electric” you can safely assume that when Pikachu and Katy Perry face off in the video, it’s the legacy of Jasmine and Amphars that really made it special.

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