Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Analysis of Labor’s annual jamboree and whether the leader lived up to expectations

This week we are going to analyze Labor’s annual jamboree and whether Sir Keir Starmer lived up to expectations. How did he turn left and what was the core message of his speech? Political correspondent Jim Pickard and political correspondent Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe will investigate.

Later, we turn our attention to the cost of living that is approaching this winter. There are widespread fears in Whitehall that the situation could get worse, with inflation rising, fuel and food prices rising, and even the fear that there are not enough turkeys for Christmas. So, what is causing all this disruption and is it going to get worse? George Parker and Chris Giles discuss the issues.

Audio source: BBC

Produced by Howie Shannon. The sound engineers were Breen Turner and Sean McGarrity.

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