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X-Men Cyclops, flanked on a comic panel.

Cyclops is seeking to resign as one of Krakow’s four great captains.
Pictures: Valerio Shetty, David Curiel, Joe Sabino / Marvel.

This week’s development time Inferno # 2—From author Jonathan Hickman, artist Stefano Caselli, painter David Kuriel, And Letter Joe Sabino-The big, flashy pearl-clutching picks, the resurrection of a certain one (or not) is not the only big twist to tease for Marvel’s Kraquan mutants.

Although X-Men’s new team Marvel has already hinted A big shock to the list Cyclops follows Being replaced by a Unknown newcomer: Captain Krakow. He is being harassed after the arrival of Captain Krakow Request For Gary Dugan and Pepe Larraj X human # 6, Next December, Marvel will be released More detailed concept art Captain Krakow’s costume which gives you a better idea The seemingly plant-centric energy set of mutants.

Captain Krakow's design.

Captain Krakow’s design.
Pictures: Pepe Larraj / Marvel

Because Captain Krakow’s civilian identity has not yet been announced, there is some speculation as to who may be in hiding Beneath his visor, which looks a lot like the helmet worn late as a cross between Cyclops and Professor X. Given how the X-Men are finding a new position in the universe with the rest of Krakow’s various mutant teams Mars follows teraforming, There are a variety of wild possibilities as to who could be Captain Krakow. For example, after he resigned, he actually became a cyclops in disguise, able to act as an unknown agent.

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It may be interesting to note that there may be more clues as to who is under the fluoronic mask Inferno # 1 From Hickman, artist Valerio Skiti, and colorist David Kuriel, one of the quietest moments in comics that wasn’t about A Sure Regenerative mutants Living in fear A Sure Dead claimant. A sequence immediately precedes the cyclops Announcing that he plans to resign as one of Krakow’s four great captains, we are shown a snapshot of Cipher’s life as he greets the day and the most important people to him around the world: his wife and his best friend. Doug and Bay have earned that degree with each other in terms of the Blood Moon Sword X How their respective abilities make it difficult for them to communicate with each other is debatable. But the cipher insists on Warlock, that he has merged with Technarch, and Krakow, the sensitive embodiment of the whole island that only he can understand, that he truly loves Bay.

Cipher, Warlock and Krakow are hanging out.

Pictures: Valerio Shetty, David Curiel, Joe Sabino / Marvel.

Cipher’s declaration of love for Bay persuaded both of his friends Express a right about him that evokes jealousy, and the moment that Cyber ​​uses to spread excitement feels like it could be a subtle hint about who Captain Krakowa might actually be. Although ciphers, warlocks and krakoas may not be seen as similar mutant circuits, there are five – mutants that conduct the regeneration process. Made Krakow a super powerTheir past and power set have made them a unique unit in the Dawn of the X. Although Warlock may have had his own existence, he often spends his time physically (and to a certain extent, mentally) with the cipher, who is himself a deep person. Connection to Krakow, who appreciates that humanoid mutants can explain the form of his speech.

Krakow is Krakow — literally the landmass of a sensitive world without which a new era of mutant glory would not be possible জন্য the entity needed to have a seat on the quiet council of mutants, Mutantkind’s secret board with ciphers (and possibly) as interpreters by Warlock Extension). The first two issues of both Inferno How the balance of power in Krakow is slowly shifting is described in detail as various members play their hands in taking control from Xavier and other members of the Peace Council. In Cyclops The resignation of one of the four great captains and the change of hands that took place in the Council of Peace Inferno # 2, it is interesting to consider whether the arrival of Captain Krakowa could be the result of Krakowa and Cipher’s own move, especially to further expand their powers beyond the quiet council to the early X-Men team.

Dr. Reyes' report on Black Tom's mental state.

Pictures: Marvel

What we’ve seen about the capabilities and costumes of the Captain Krakower plant is probably a combination of cipher and Krakower to come up with a new identity to mix things up a bit, but Inferno # 1 There’s also an intriguing Tidbit with another potential true identity suggestion for the new hero. On Benjamin Percy’s recent run X-Force The Beast and other X-Force members are described in detail as being involved in a secret espionage conspiracy aimed at mankind in Terra Verde.

In response to the development of state-of-the-art telefloronic technology by the Terra Verdan government, which if not checked, could become a threat to Krakow, Beast tried to hack the technology for himself and thousands of people lost their lives in doing so. Since Terra Verde’s population was transformed into plant monsters. The aftermath of Beast’s activities was something that he and the rest of the X-Force Hellfire Gala and beyond continued to deal well with, People like Black Tom Cassidy have been the victims of an unknown threat in Krakow. Although Black Tom has not yet properly recovered because he was attacked by something in the forest X-Force # 18, In a Medical Report by Dr. Cecilia Reyes Inferno # 1 confirms that he is alive, and more than ever, but suffers a kind of deep emotional trauma from his attack.

Wolverine is bidding farewell to Man-Slater.

Pictures: Joshua Casara, Robert Gill, Guru-EFX, Joe Karamagna / Marvel

Concerns about what is happening with Black Tom are somewhat reflected X-Force # 21, where Reyes describes the various strains of intelligent plant life that now exist on Earth-iOf whom Terra is from Verde, But also those who transformed Dr. Theodore “Ted” Salis into an animal known as the Man-Thing. Reyes single-handedly highlights the plants born from the Man-Thing that the issue shows the tree’s “mutant” gave birth to the Man-Slater strain, acting as a useful figure and collaborator for the X-Force. Although Reyes’ Man-Slater speculation was based on whether mutants should have infectious properties in plants grown in Krakow, they should be concerned. X-Force # 21 also underlined that, despite being made up of different plants, Man-Slater considers himself a single person.

There are a few more possibilities to understand who Captain Krakowa really is, but it points to the arrival of Cipher in Trenchcoat and Krakowa, the rebirth of Black Tom, Man-Slater in a new disguise, or someone else entirely, the arrival of the character being rather dubious. Whether flowers or not, the world’s perception of Krakow is still being formed, and everything X-Men are working towards can certainly be destroyed by a glamorous Krakowan patriot who stands alone as the embodiment of the best and brightest of mutants.

Inferno # 1 and Hello # 2 is on sale now. Captain Krakow is set to make his debut this December, on its page X human # 6.

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