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An aerial view of Lake Tuz in the province of Aksara, Turkey, Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

An aerial view of Lake Tuz in the Turkish province of Aksara, Tuesday, October 26, 2021.
Pictures: Emrah Gurel (AP)

Lake Tuz, which translates into Turkish as “Salt Lake”, is the second largest lake in Turkey. It measures 643 square miles (91,665 square kilometers). It’s one Popular tourist destination And Listed To consider a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lake is home to a variety of plant and bird species, including an important breeding ground for the largest flamingo colony in the Mediterranean. (Flamingos prefer to lay eggs in salt water.)

In the summer, there was the site of the lake An incident of genocide For the flamingos who flock to Lake Tuz. The bodies of thousands of hatching flamingos, known as flamingos, were recorded in lake photographs and drone footage. The government estimates that one thousand birds have died due to low water levels. Environmentalists estimate that only 5,000 birds have been released in 2018, compared to more than 12,000.

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