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Yes, Apple is calling its new iPhones the iPhone 13 series. The unfortunate number, the curse. We’re getting four new devices, from the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini to the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple has also released a long-awaited upcoming iPad mini, which looks pretty good if a little expensive, when the Apple Watch arrives at Series 7, with a wider screen and faster charging.

This isn’t the year to redesign or take a left turn on a larger device, which could make it a complex upgrade for current iPhone 12 owners, unless they think about upgrading to a larger, more powerful Pro model (or a smaller one).

As it was last year, Apple’s Bleeding Edge Tech is in Pro models – we’ll break down the features below – but the company is promising big battery gains across the family. Depending on the model it is demanding more hours of runtime, which would be a significant improvement and it is (admittedly dry) one of the improvements that I always want to see on the new iPhone.

The decision remains: do I want to surprise all the cameras in the Mini (now Apple has upgraded the battery) or the Pro Max? Pre-orders begin Friday, September 17th.

– Matt Smith

Anything you can miss at Apple’s iPhone 13 event

Featuring adaptive screen and optical zoom up to 6x.


The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have faster screens, smaller notches and new colors than last year’s 12 Pro series. It seems that the models can’t differentiate much between them except for the size, screen and battery.

They include a new Super Retina XDR display with 1000 external brightness for better external reading. The company says that this is the brightest screen of an iPhone. It also features 120Hz refresh rates and will adapt when you need it smooth. If you’re about that battery life, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will last 2.5 hours longer than last year’s model, which makes it the longest lasting iPhone. Read on for details about that camera array.

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And the iPhone Mini is stuck around.

IPhone 13


Say hello to the iPhone 13, which is almost identical to last year’s iPhone 12. The front of the Face ID has a 20-percent smaller notch, as well as a newly designed camera module কিন্তু but in larger size, it’s apparently almost identical to last year’s model.

The iPhone 1 also has a larger battery, which should be welcomed for both phones, especially the iPhone 1 mini. All new iPhones have Apple’s latest A-series chips and this year it’s the A15 bionic processor. It’s a 5nm chip with about 15 billion transistors that Apple says is 50 percent faster than its competitors. Apple has kept the price the same this year: the iPhone 13 Mini starts at 6 699, and the iPhone 13 starts at 7 799.

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Even Kreus looks at it and wonders if it’s a little too much.

Pictures of LG's DirectView Mega-TV


LG has revealed that it is not going to leave Samsung “so clearly on TVs that they are completely occupied” “The market has made new announcements , Which can expand up to 325 inches in size in various configurations. When combined, the screens can deliver 2K, 4K or even 8K image quality, driven side by side by separate webOS boxes. And yes, before you ask, LG isn’t revealing how much it costs, it puts it on top of products that you know you can’t afford. Fortunately, LG has also released its rollout If you want you can buy only cies5 inch TV with money. I also want to remind you all .

It is now a more premium model than the standard iPad

IPad mini


As part of Apple’s shiny iPhone 13 event, the company has announced a refresh , Which makes the Dinky Slate a much more premium device. The .3..3 inch tablet has a narrow bezel and a new “all screen” design, a touchID sensor on the power button and USB-C. It will now work with second-generation Apple pencils, which are magnetically attached to the side of the device. These changes put the new iPad Mini on par with the mid-range iPad Air, especially since the Mini now packs 15 Bionic SOCs at the high-end. Long story short, this is probably not the device you’re buying as a “safe” device for your little ones – unless you plan to steal it the day after you open it.

Sony will finally unlock the PS5’s SSD slot for everyone tomorrow

Remote Play app will also work on mobile networks.

The second major PlayStation 5 firmware update after beta testing , Sony ready For everyone. Ten months after the release of the Sony console, the company is finally unlocking For everyone. There are some fine prints about where you can install your next-gen games.

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The speaker has a lot of new features, but it’s $ 50 more than the old one.



The new second generation beam goes Available at 9 449 and October 5th. This is $ 50 more than before, with other prices Sonos increases . In addition to the support of Dolby Atmos, it has a new perforated polycarbonate grille in front of the fabric and instead of more audio processing power.

In fact, this sound bar now supports the same home theater audio formats as Arc (including Dolby Atoms, Dolby Digital Plus, Multichannel PCM and many more), which cost twice as much as the new Beam model.

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Strange, good.

Game Cube

Chris Nadus

To my fear, GameCube has only turned 20 years old, which makes me feel really old. However, this is a great excuse to display our favorite games from Nintendo’s slightly troublesome home console. And we don’t just go for it Mario And Zelda. In fact, we got weird.

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