Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

What to watch in Asia today

Aung San Suu Kyi: The first statements in the trial of Myanmar’s deposed leader will be announced after it has been postponed from November 30.

Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin: The Indian Prime Minister will host the President of Russia for a one-on-one meeting on the sidelines of the India-Russia Annual Summit, where 10 bilateral agreements will be signed.

Hang Seng Index: Hong Kong’s benchmark index is experiencing a stir today with gambling company NetEase and e-commerce group joining both. Evergrande, the country’s debt property developer, will be removed from the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index.

Markets: Asian stocks seemed to start lower this week with futures contracts in Hong Kong and Japan, both lower and Australian markets flat in early trading.

Raab is confident that Christmas will not be canceled by Covid

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has predicted that Britons will enjoy “a wonderful Christmas” amid hopes in Downing Street that no new Covid-19 restrictions in England will be needed before the new year to deal with the Omicron variant not.

Ministers believe that new and existing anti-Covid measures – including the planned expansion of the vaccine enhancer program and a new requirement for travelers to the UK to perform a coronavirus test before departure – will be sufficient for the time being.

Raab hit a bullish note on Sunday, saying this Christmas will be “completely different” from the previous one and that people should confidently plan to spend time with family and friends.

“I think it’s going to be a wonderful Christmas,” the Secretary of Justice told the BBC. “I think people should enjoy Christmas, get their loved ones around them, celebrate it in a way we could not do in the past.”

Asked whether companies should proceed with plans to hold large Christmas parties, he said employers can be “trusted to follow a common sense approach to the conditions in their businesses”.

Johnson and his team are expected to review the latest data on Omicron around December 16, but one ally of the prime minister ignored the prospect of any additional restrictions before Christmas, saying: “Our ambition is that nothing new will be needed on this side of not the new year. “

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Eric Zemmour’s first major campaign rally violated by melee

a melee broke out at the first campaign rally held by Eric Zemmour, the anti-immigration polemicist running for French president, after activists from an anti-racism organization tried to interrupt his speech.

Shortly after Zemmour began speaking to a crowd of more than 10,000 at a conference hall outside Paris, activists from SOS Racism stood up to reveal black shirts spelling out the slogan “No to racism”. They were attacked by Zemmour supporters, and videos taken by journalists show men hitting the activists and chairs being thrown while security officers tried to break up the fight.

The episode ended quickly, but showed how Zemmour’s far-right candidacy provoked tensions in France as the television expert and writer has risen in the polls since the summer. While his supporters waved French flags in a northern suburb of the capital, some 8,000 others took to the streets of Paris to expose his xenophobic platform. Police said they made 48 arrests.

The 63-year-old, who claims that once great France is declining due to uncontrolled immigration and an excess of political correctness, rose as high as second in the polls in early November. But his popularity has recently declined to fall back to third place behind President Emmanuel Macron and far-right politician Marine Le Pen, according to pollster Harris Interactive.

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