Lebanese protesters killed by Israeli troops on the border Lebanon News

UNIFIL says it has launched an investigation into the incident and has increased its presence along the Lebanese army as well as at the border.

A Lebanese man has been shot dead after protesters and others tried to cross a security fence along the Israeli border, Lebanon’s state news agency NNA reported.

Another was injured on Friday as protesters continued to bomb Israel’s besieged Gaza Strip after protesters gathered on the border to show solidarity with the Palestinians, the NNA reported.

Mohamed Tahhan, 21, died of his injuries, Lebanon’s Marjayun Government Hospital told Al Jazeera. The condition of the second protester was not immediately known.

Earlier, the Israeli military said several Lebanese had damaged border fences and set fire to a plot of land. They retreated after Israeli tanks fired warning shots.

Lebanese protesters gathered near the fence and hoisted flags, including the Palestinian national flag and the flag of Lebanon’s hardline anti-Israel Lebanese Iran-backed Hezbollah movement.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said in a statement that he “strongly condemned the crimes committed by Israeli forces.”

One witness said the protesters were dispersed by the Lebanese army in the presence of the UN peacekeeping force UNIFIL in Lebanon, a witness said.

UNIFIL spokeswoman Andrea Tenetti said in a statement that they had launched an investigation into the incident and had increased their presence along the Lebanese army as well as at the border.

“We are aware of reports today that a Lebanese national has been killed near Kafir Killer,” the statement said. “Any loss of life is tragic, and we urge everyone to remain calm and to escalate the situation and avoid further life risks.”

Hezbollah was released after the incident and said he had died as a “martyr.”

On Thursday, three rockets were fired at Israel from southern Lebanon near the Rashidiheh Palestinian refugee camp, a Lebanese military source said. The Israeli military says rockets have landed at sea.

A source close to Hezbollah said the Lebanese Shiite group had no connection to the incident.

Beirut’s Karim Chehaib Additional Report.

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