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Hasbro's Plasma Series Ghostbusters: Afterlife Bill Murray, Lego's Mandolorian Armor and Blitzway's Voltron.

Pictures: Hasbro, Lego, Blitzway

Welcome back Toy easel, io9’s regular round-up is the greatest toy we’ve seen on the internet this week. We’re back in Lego Mandlorian, Going back to the old choice Ghostbusters, Something Too The beautiful Uno card, and Hasbro are catching another crack in the “Build-Your-Own Lightsaber” toy. Look at this!

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Pictures: Lego

Lego Star Wars: The Mandalarian Mandlorian Forge of Armor

As thrilling as we see Mandlorian Closing in another series, we will gladly trade Dumb Fate Book For a series of Armor who do not only the small work of the raw basecar, but also the stormtroopers. The new set won’t be officially available until September 1st but you can Pre-order today For 30 it would be hard to resist trying to collect as many Mandalarian minifigures as you can. The 258 piece set Includes not only a burning forge and all the tools needed to make a basecar armor, but the armor itself, as well as a version of the day jarine with a jetpack and a heavily-armored paz wet.

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Pictures: Hasbro

Hasbro Ghosts: Hereafter Stats from the Ghostbusters Plasma series

With The recent trailer spreads more excitement For the sequel, Hasbro has finally released Floodgates Ghosts: Hereafter Toys. We A few of them were released earlier this week, But not the figures of the new six-inch Ghostbuster Plasma series that will feature realistic facial sculptures, lots of articulations, detailed accessories and some nice paint work. The lineup will include six figures with new additions: Trevor, Podcast and Lucky, as well as three return favorites: Winston, Peter and Ray. Available after this release this fall, the এর 25 figures also come with every “build-in-ghost” part that can be combined into a Sentinel Terror dog.

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Pictures: Hasbro

Hasbro Star wars Forge of light service

E.g. Iconic as lightsbars Directed by Luke and OB-One, a big part of being JD (or Sith) is creating your own custom lightsaber. Hasbro has previously released several DIY Lightsaber kits, but its new Lightsaber Forge line, coming this fall, includes several custom Lightsaber designs that are all sold as individual weapons, but feature parts and blades that can be mixed and blended between them. These range from 15 15 for an entry-level lightsaber to 20 20 for a dark saber. Mandlorian, ার্থ 40 for a double-end lightsaber of Darth Mole, and each has a light up blade powered by AA batteries instead of kiber crystals.

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Pictures: Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company Figma R-Type Final 2 R-13A Cerberus and RX-10 Albatross Replicas

Not like the iconic movie spaceship Millennial Falcon From what we’ve seen inside and out, it’s hard to get excited with a pair of tiny ships from a space shoot-e-up video game that’s relatively small on screen. At least that’s what we thought before we kept an eye on them Four inch replica Of R-13A Cerberus and RX-10 Albatross From the ship R-Type Final 2. Both just go with the gorgeous details and include display stand and power-up weapon accessories, which makes the ট্যাগ 120 price tag even more stingy for their pair. You have at least until 2022 to make your irresponsible decision to pre-order the set.

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Pictures: Blitzway

5 Pro Studio X Blitzway “Carbotics” series Voltron

We don’t need the temptation of another transformed Voltron image, but the upcoming one is going to be very difficult to resist. 5 Pro Studio X Blitzway “Carbotics” series Voltron The figure is capable, though still isolated, and due to the incredible pronunciation figures Five equally potential robotic lions are being transformed. What do you think you can prevent? Each lion has accessories for battery-powered flashing LED eyes, a small pilot in the cockpit, a display of each lion in flight, and a fully assembled voltron with a sword, ieldal, spear, and even alternate swap facial expressions. . Pricing and availability have not yet been revealed, which is probably a good thing so you can Look at the photos And pretend it’s within your budget.

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Pictures: Mattel

Mattel UNO Artist Series: Shepard Fire Fair Partnership

Probably best known for his iconic President Barack Obama’s “Hope” poster, Shepard Fairy A street artist and graphic designer who is also responsible for them. “ObeyAndre the Giant’s face silhouette saw the stickers on the streetlights. To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the card game UNO, Mattel teamed up with Firey for another “Artist Series” special edition featuring the artist’s custom illustrated designs on both sides of the card, while some cards could be arranged in larger sizes. Pieces. Shepard Firey x UNO decks are now available Creations.Mattel.com At 20.

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