Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Facebook has a New name. This week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is changing its name to Meta. The title comes from something called Facebook Metavers — a VR / AR experience that allows users to interact remotely with a mix of virtual and personal elements. This is a very deliberate change for the company, and it comes at a time when Facebook is embroiled in a week-long debate over how its products can harm its users. But while the company may have a new name, that doesn’t mean its problems are over.

At Gadget Lab this week, Ariel Pardes, senior author at WIRED, joins us to talk about the rebranding of Facebook, its push towards metavers, and the challenges that come with that change.

Show notes

Read the story of Ariel Pardes about Facebook name change. Here’s about Lauren’s story Facebook’s Metavers ambition. Read about WIRED’s series Facebook papers. See also Peter Rubin’s stories about Facebook Camera glasses And Horizon Workroom. Here’s how Change the algorithmic ranking Facebook’s newsfeed. And here’s how Delete your account, Permanently.


Arielle new recommendation Hill Movies. Mike recommends the most recent episode Fight over cars Podcast with food writer Alicia Kennedy. Recommend WIRED’s story package about Lauren Facebook papers.

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