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Let's Go Brandon Cryptocurrency Sponsor Brandon Launches Image For Title

Pictures: Jared C. Tilton (Getty Images)

Brandon Brown, NASCAR driver who inadvertently helped launch the viral right-wing slogan “Let’s go Brandon”(Which many people believe means“ fuck Joe Biden ”), decided to partner with a memecoin based on the slogan.

LGBcoin.ioThe recently launched crypto-token, based on the highly biased catchphrase, announced on Thursday that it would serve as the full-season initial sponsor of the 2022 NASCAR season for Brown and his team, Brandonbilt Motorsports. In professional racing, this type of sponsorship basically allows companies Use the driver Giant, season-long billboards decorate their cars and, often, the driver himself, with the corresponding corporate logos and advertising materials.

In other words, Brown will apparently work as a full-time commercial — both for this new cryptocurrency and presumably, a coded disrespect to the president. In a video posted on Twitter on Thursday, Brown announced the collaboration, revealing that he will be running a 69 Chevrolet Camaro next year, with Memecoin’s name printed on the colors red, white and blue.

Thus, three satanic forces have joined (cryptocurrency, NASCAR, and partisan politics), and this whole annoying story continues.

If you’re out of the loop, the LGB incident resumed in October – when 28-year-old Brown Won a race At Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Whatever the reason, the crowd that day shouted “Fuck Joe Biden!” Shouted. Follow his win. Kelly Stavast, a reporter for the location, overheard the crowd saying this, and apparently confused, told the driver and his audience that they should “go to Brandon!” Giving slogans. The phrase later became popular at conservative sports events এবং and caused a kind of strange panic.

Now, two months later, the slogan has inspired commentators Auxiliary printing press And NPR, Analysis and deep thinking From the Atlantic, An explosion Related Products, A scream from a Southwest Airlines pilot (who Compared to ISIS And Almost lost his job), And, yes, a new one memecoin For the joy of investing fans of the word. Proving that he is a true American, Brown has decided to cash in on his unintentional title as a flashpoint in our country’s new stupid culture war — a development that is not entirely surprising.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. If you haven’t followed this whole little melodrama you’ll be really forgiven because, in the end … who cares? “Fuck the president,” he shouted A tradition This country has probably been there since its inception (hell, actually A song Dedicated Trump asked himself to fuck), so it’s not clear why anyone would expect to change that now. More than anything, this turn of events is just annoying, because it means I have to read “LGB” and what it is all about. I mean For the foreseeable future অথবা or at least until the end of the NASCAR season.

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