Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

About this time Every year, Amazon announces several new products. Some of them are fairly normal: new echo speakers, smart screens, video doorbells. But sometimes companies will create something really stupid, such as a flying home security drone or a robot-like robot with a periscope camera mounted around your home. Strange or otherwise, the company’s output looks at where it’s going. And this year, Amazon seems to have growing intentions to become a home security company.

This week at Gadget Lab, WIRED Senior Associate Review Editor Adrian Soe joins us to talk about the demise of Amazon’s new products, including those irrational astro robots.

Show notes

Read Lauren’s story about the Amazon Astro robot. Check out Which Amazon has announced At the September event. If for some reason you want to buy an Amazon Ring Home drone, you have to go for it Invitation list. Here’s Adrian’s story about the Amazon Hello fitness tracker That listens to the tone of your speech. And here’s Lauren’s review Amazon dash shelves. Also read Engadget’s The story How Amazon is turning into a security company.


Adrian recommends Back Bay Tempo ear0 earbud. Mike recommends “Folk Fabric “Playlist On Spotify. Lauren Ann Helen recommends Petersen’s column “Counterintuitive mechanics of Peloton addiction“From his substack newsletter, The study of culture.

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