Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Janan Ganesh shares a long list of a 40-year-old’s life lessons (Life & Art, FT Weekend, December 31). I’m 65, and maybe the extra years allowed me to refine my list. Or maybe my memory serves less well, or most likely I have no obligation to provide that much copy. Whatever the reason, my list is much shorter.

If you want to “chat” with someone, ask about them rather than talking about yourself. Live by (or near) water, whether sea, lake, river or canal. Water brings nature to you. Vanity is the best medicine for gluttony (just as failure is for pride, and greed for laziness). Do not judge a person by their politics. Be kind, always.

Oh yes, and NEVER book a bag.

Dick Sands
London TW8, United Kingdom

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