Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

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I followed your coverage of the Chinese government’s recent restrictions on education enterprises with interest (“British top schools with ties to China pushed by Beijing’s tighter grip”, Report, 6 September).

My opinion is that oppression has some advantages and disadvantages. An important positive point was that it was intended to create an equal playing field for access to education, which is distorted on the basis of family income, which benefits some children – those of higher-income families. Another positive point is that the academic pressure on students is reduced, which gives them more time to pursue other extramural interests such as sports or art.

A major negative, however, is that enterprises that have relied on the Chinese education market face a total loss of business and revenue, which also raises concerns about excessive government control.

As a high school student, I think China’s intentions were good – to give everyone in society an equal footing in education and to reduce the pressure on students – but it negatively affected the fortunes of educational enterprises.

Aditya Swamy
St Paul’s School, London SW13, United Kingdom

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