Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

There may be some justification, such as your editorial (“Djokovic’s unforeseen mistake about vaccinations”, FT ViewJanuary 8) says to “disgrace” those who are reluctant to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

However, the arbitrary rules that are still in place hinder not only the unvaccinated, but above all the majority who have now been vaccinated. The need to provide up-to-date evidence of health records on demand, or to take compulsory tests or to study, interpret and complete travel statements, or to live with the constant fear that, primarily for political opportunism, conditions will change it forced on everyone.

In Switzerland, some public places require vaccinations and proof of recovery, a condition which, of course, may be impossible to comply with. Italy determines who can work, travel on public transportation and how and where a cappuccino can be eaten.

All this is enforced on the vaccinated or not by a new civilian army empowered and enforced by the state. Could there be better examples of the type of collective punishment that civilized societies once considered unbearable?

Alessandro Ciravegna
New College Capital, London SW1, United Kingdom

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