Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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I was disappointed to hear of Apple’s recent decision to postpone the introduction of the Code for the Detection of Child Sexual Abuse following a setback by privacy officials (Report, 4 September).

Although Apple’s proposed child safety initiatives were imperfect – and there is a lot of room in the technology sector to improve the detection, disruption and reporting of child sexual abuse, Apple’s changes were a positive step forward.

The world should not exalt the hypothetical and improbable corruption of child safety solutions over the well-known and widespread misuse of existing technologies to harm children.

We see firsthand the cruel impact of unnoticed abuse on children. The voices of survivors must be heard in the debate over privacy, as their own privacy rights are seriously violated by systems that allow this crime to flourish.

David Westlake
CEO, International Justice Mission UK, Witham, Essex, UK

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