Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

After reading “Health Challenge: Medical Practice Remains Behind Scientific Discovery and Portable Technology” (Report, January 5) the unanswered question is why Apple does not go the whole pig and sell toy stethoscopes and headdresses with embroidered red crosses.

I’m sure Leonardo da Vinci felt that his drawings of flying machines were “left behind with their potential”. There’s a reason 99.9 percent of doctors “are not on board” – 100 percent of portable items produce heaps of useless information. A good measure of how one sleeps is how one feels the next day; no amount of pulse measurements or buckets of confetti for “steps” will detect hypertension.

It’s not very encouraging that Apple is “strengthened by stories of customers whose lives have been improved”. Another word for “stories” is “anecdote” that has always been the enemy of science.

I assume this article was published with good reason on the page that details details of the Elizabeth Holmes trial: both wearables and Theranos are on the same Silicon Valley naive dream spectrum.

But doctors have had a difficult few years. If you have an Apple Watch, please share your data with us, we should have a good laugh.

John Meenan
London SW6, United Kingdom

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