Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Russian courtiers are forgetting the script (“Kremlin raises missile threat to Kyiv after admitting prized cruiser has sunk”, Report, April 16). They are saying uncoordinated stuff. They threaten escalation if free countries fuel the war. What was? On whose territory? They have suffered war casualties. How is that possible? Where? Tragedy, yes. That’s the first true thing they’ve said.

Ukrainians have sunk a fraternal warship that was lobbing cruise missiles at them. This ingratitude means war.

Threats about escalation need addressing loudly and publicly. No country will launch a nuclear first strike unless Vladimir Putin does.

Moscow’s stammering admission of casualties means one thing. The Russian public have started finding out about troop losses.

Now is the time to give the Ukrainian army huge backing by land, sea and air.

No Russian victory for the annual parade on May 9. No explanation for the loss of Russian troops. No Russian Black Sea Fleet. Very soon no Putin.

Tim Cox
Bern, Switzerland

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