Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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On Michael Mackenzie’s article “Grossman Encourages Traditional Investors to Accept the Benefits of Personal Indexing” (Report, 31 August), Blake Grossman has the right that the asset management industry is largely ‘change resistant’ and slow to adopt new technologies, despite its great benefits.

Direct indexing is on its way to becoming mainstream in the US, but we do not yet see it reflected in Europe. The UK is both a leading financial hub and has made concerted efforts to embed the environmental, social and governance principles at the core of investment strategies. Slow acceptance of direct indexing makes this difficult.

As co-founder of a direct indexing platform, which enables institutional investors to develop customized investment strategies using leading index providers around the world, I have seen the key benefits, from lower costs to portfolio transparency.

The industry needs to improve its adaptability to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable yields.

Mattias Eriksson
Co-founder and CEO of C8 Technologies, London SW3, UK

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