Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

I compliment you on the different opinions and views you have shared on your pages in recent weeks (Opinion, 28 September and “Britain’s labor shortages promote workers’ power”, FT View, 27 August).

Because I myself was an immigrant, I realized how clever and pragmatic the policy in this country was to allow people to do work that British people were simply not willing to do.

It is unlikely that young Britons will be attracted by physically draining and demanding work, such as picking berries or driving trucks. They are too busy going to university and most lead a comfortable life anyway.

Dare I say, even if we double the wages in this type of work, it will simply reduce the purchasing power.

It could possibly even mean an unhealthy diet for Brits with lower incomes, less diversity on our shelves and the persistence of scarcity for various goods, while the supply of workers is unlikely to increase.

Labor shortages will not go away unless the government moves away from its indigenous approach to low-skilled and handicrafts – which makes the UK poorer.

Luiz Eduardo Peixoto
London NW10, United Kingdom

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