Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

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In their letter in response to Robert Shrimsley’s piece on dying aid (Opinion, 26 August) Claud Regnard and Rob George are guilty of the misinformation they are accusing Shrimsley of (“Suppose precautionary measures for deceased persons are a delusion”, Letters, 27 August). Since one of the many examples relates to our organization, I need to correct it.

My death, my decision does not support an assisted dying law for those who have ‘any disease’. However, we are campaigning for a law that applies to terminally ill people – without an arbitrary criterion for life expectancy – and to those who suffer unbearably under incurable conditions. You are reminded of the late, long-suffering Tony Nicklinson and our patron Paul Lamb, who could both have been helped if the law we were campaigning for existed when they fought bravely through the courts.

The countries that have assisted dying laws are mostly mostly among the most highly valued for palliative care.

It’s telling that palliativists in the UK who died assisted could not speak out, for fear of being accused in their profession – so five of their numbers had to anonymously write a supporting piece in the British Medical Journal entitled “We risk our careers if we discuss assisted dying ”.

Trevor Moore
Chairman, My death, my decision
London EC1, UK

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