Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Emma Jacobs’ article on fertility discussions in the workplace (OpinionFebruary 27) brought to light a topic that is often hidden from view in the workplace, but has a huge impact on women’s experience and careers.

Many women make painful trade-offs between career progression, female health or family life – which is why they can struggle to excel beyond the middle management rung of the career ladder and achieve their full potential.

Data from our platform shows that women are 30 per cent more likely than male colleagues to seek support about personal challenges (doubling to 60 per cent more in financial services), suggesting that women’s needs must be explicitly addressed in the overall culture of the organization.

To retain talent, employers must find new ways to support people through life’s toughest challenges. It’s only by bringing these issues to light that we can hope to make progress in understanding, and eventually find solutions that will benefit all.

Julie Chakraverty
Chief Executive and Founder, Rungway
London WC2, UK

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