Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

After the sad results for the Democratic Party in the recent elections (“Biden left no doubt that he must turn things around before it is too late”, Global insightNovember 4), many political experts declare that it is five minutes to midnight for the Biden administration. But a cursory analysis of recent political history suggests there is plenty of time for President Joe Biden to get the ship ready, even if the Democrats do poorly in the midterm elections, as is likely to be the case, as the party in power usually lost seats in the House and the Senate.

It is often overlooked how politically unpopular Ronald Reagan was during his first two years in office when the economy faltered. Yet he won a landslide victory in the 1984 election.

Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama saw Democrats lose badly in their first midterm elections, yet they were re-elected. For much of 2004, George W Bush’s approval rating was below 50 percent, but he won a second term.

What happened in the 2021 election will be a distant memory in 2024 and will have no bearing on the next presidential race. As such, it is far too early to write off the Biden presidency.

Steven E Cerier
New York, NY, USA

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