Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

It should now be clear to the British government that if it wants to keep the economy going, it must fully fund the NHS (“Johnson acknowledges that NHS pressure will worsen”, Report4 January). Each restriction has been described as the only way to prevent its collapse, the protection of our health is secondary.

The result of years of cost-cutting in real terms, as well as the departure of trained nurses since Brexit, has taken a huge toll on the remaining staff, who have been exploited to the point of exhaustion.

This made them even more vulnerable to Covid, to whom they are exposed every day, far more than the general population.

It is therefore no surprise that so many are ill, leading to the series of incidents now being reported in regional hospitals.

At every election, voters cite the NHS as one of their top policy priorities, but the government seems to accept that we do not understand that it costs money to run, or that it is a long-term project, and that we do not want to pay for it. .

The recent adjustment of national insurance will not provide enough money to make it work properly (Report, 6 January). We all use it, so it has to be funded by income tax.

Good health starts at the maternity services and must be maintained throughout life with appropriate care – it will be truly cost effective. After all, a healthy economy depends on a healthy population.

Elizabeth Mortimer
Burford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

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