Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Your article “Fortescue and E.ON sign deal to replace Russian gas with Australian green hydrogen” (Report, FT.com, March 30) states that Fortescue has previously promised to produce a total of 15mn tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030, requiring 200 gigawatts of wind and solar to be built.

Since an electrolyzer typically requires 50kWh to produce 1kg of hydrogen, 15mn tonnes would require 750TWh or about 100TWh / year from now to 2030. Fortunately, the plan to build 200GW of wind and solar energy will provide 1,750TWh / year and is more than adequate , providing electrical energy that can be stored when there is a lull in the production of wind and solar energy. This is indeed ambitious, requiring all – and much more – of the current total electrical generating capacity for Australia, which is about 250TWh / year.

Professor Peter Edwards
Professor Peter Dobson
University of Oxford

Gari Owen
Annwvyn Solutions, Bromley, Kent, UK

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