Tue. May 24th, 2022

Like your correspondent John Turnbull (“Who takes the role of tea lady in the world of Zoom?”, Letters, January 15), I joined a company where the degrees of others were largely unknown, except, as in our case too, by the tea lady Pam.

The other important point of comparison was the company car. When I joined, I turned down the BMW 5 Series and the Merc C-Class because it was of little use to a single woman in London and instead worked hard for the new, not on the company list, Alfa Romeo. A co-CEO, referring to my work grade, warned: “But no one will know you are a G12.” “No,” I said. “I will be the girl who got the sky blue Alpha with the sunroof through acquisition. That’s all I need. ” It was.

Lesley Smith
London NW6, UK

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