Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

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In her latest column, Merryn Somerset Webb warns us to stop demonizing fossil fuels (“Gas crisis shows why we need to stop demonizing fossil fuels”, Opinion, 25 September). She wants us to refrain from making regulation more cumbersome and raising funding costs for the sector as we ‘wait until the engineering challenges surrounding a future led by renewable energy’ are resolved ‘; so that we do not condemn ourselves to a future without ice cream.

Aside from the fact that the current rise in gas prices has nothing to do with the demonization of fossil fuels, FT readers and me. Somerset Webb realizes that the best way to tackle polluting activities such as the use of fossil fuels is making it more expensive.

Somerset Webb is doubly wrong. To “passively” wait for the solution to the problem assumes that R & D investment in renewable energy does not depend on how we view the future of fossil fuels. But a society that has made it clear that it wants to stop using fossil fuels will channel more funds faster in the right direction.

Despite the shortage of ice cream, I encourage all readers to demonize in any way.

Francis Dennig

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