Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Tim Harford writes his New Year’s intention is to no longer take the bullying of his inbox. As a Gen Z myself, I decided to fully embrace the bullying of my email this year (Opinion, SpectrumJanuary 8).

I grew up with the luxury, or as some might argue the curse, of having a variety of correspondence platforms. These include iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and the deplorable Gmail. After being exposed to all these interfaces early on, I quickly determined my favorites, or rather, my favorite: iMessage.

As a result, I have left far too many emails unread over the years. What’s more, I shared way too many PDFs via iMessage, and posted way too many texts with “Dear” and “Heartfelt”. This year I decided to check and reply to my personal email with as much zeal as I do my text messages, and use email rather than text when appropriate. I compare Harford’s cold callers to my automated newsletter subscriptions as well as LinkedIn notifications, and I plan to sort them out as well.

While Harford proposes to separate inboxes to prioritize certain positions, I plan to do the opposite. I will sort through all notifications by reminding myself that important and unimportant messages are coming through the same inbox, as well as those notifications without which my inbox would be better served.

There will be no streamlining of inboxes. There will be no offensive and defensive strategies. Just a commitment to answer and send emails as well as I text. And given the speed with which my fellow Gen Z friends are responding to text messages relative to how they respond to emails, I’m assured that I’m not the only one who should make this commitment in 2022.

Leyla Winston
Los Angeles, California, USA

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