Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Letter updates

Applause to Carolyn McCall for outlining the many benefits ITV experiences as a result of a strategic approach to managing diversity and inclusion (“Boardroom role supercharges diversity efforts”, Letters, 27 September). Clearly, ITV would have missed many opportunities – including innovation, creativity, diverse talent and new ideas – if the approach had been different. From my experience as an investor, support for diversity and the inclusion of CEOs is the key to success, so the letter from Dame Carolyn is also important from this perspective.

On a more fundamental point, Dame Carolyn’s messages are important because they shift the focus on why diversity matters, turning the business treasury on its head.

Considerable time has been spent finding a positive link between diversity and corporate performance. Instead of focusing on the reasons why diversity should be achieved, the evidence of ITV indicates that we should consider the social, economic, reputation and opportunity costs if this is not the case.

Deborah Gilshan
Founder, The 100% Club
London EC4, UK

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