Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

After reading James Max’s column “Living the high life on someone else’s private jet” (FT Money, 31 December) it’s hard not to conclude that Max is simply not rich enough to join the club. After all, when you, like him, “have to save your cash on the trip and spend it when you get there”, you clearly do not have enough to not care what you spend, where or when.

His piece also illustrates the truth of the claim of the “green” economists that the demand for resources, arising from more consumption, will always exceed the efficiency of new technology.

Private jets today are certainly more fuel efficient than their predecessors, but if Max had one, he would, like his pals, fly out for weekends here and everywhere here and everywhere and contribute his carbon footprint.

Then he will probably fall for the scam of carbon offsetting schemes.

Chris Gilchrist
Newton Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom

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