Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

In Nigel Andrew’s richly endearing valentine to Sing in the rain (“Still here at 70”, Life & Art, 31 December), his rankings In the village ‘‘s key elements as “better integrated than in any musical before or since” strike me as exuberantly ill-considered.

I would give that honor, hands down, to Gigi. In the Town, adapted from the Broadway show and missing some of his best songs like “Some Other Time”, was a very good musical. Like so many other Broadway adaptations, however, it falls short of some originals made for the screen from scratch, such as Sign in’.

For my eyes and ears was the best ever The Band Wagon. But Gene Kelly’s umbrella dance has to be the biggest single moment in any musical ever made. I marvel at all those talents in Tinsel Town at the time that made the magic happen.

David Lewis
Author, ‘Broadway Musicals: A Hundred Year History’, Oakland, CA, USA

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