Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

After reading the article by Camilla Hodgson and Laura Noonan “Carbon Compensation Price Rises as Green Pressure Increases Demand” (Report, January 6) I wonder if organic farming can operate a system of carbon credits.

There are more bacteria in a handful of soil than there are humans on the planet. We have not yet cataloged these ancient biota, but they have been bubbling underground in and out of our soil since planet earth came into being.

Our planet is as infinite as the universe, and we are foolish to think that we should genetically change it simply to feed ourselves.

To cure a personal illness, I think genetic theory can play a role. But to unravel centuries of colonial food control, in the face of a land crisis, we must invest in decent, respected rural cultures that preserve diverse local seeds, in climate-resistant micro-zones.

It is a sad fact that we no longer care for the plants we feed. Like industrially bred animals, our crops are largely ignored in remote fields, loaded with petrochemicals. But growing organically is rewarding. If organic farming were to emerge as the next best low-profit carbon credit, we would be one step closer to saving the planet from its own environmental ruin.

Ros Brooks
Southsea, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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