Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

I was delighted to read Anjana Ahuja’s column praising South Korea for curbing the spread of Covid (“Lessons on how to live with Covid-19 have yet to be learned”, OpinionJanuary 8).

But the most worrying and so far unspoken effect of Covid-19 control policies on South Korea is the damage done to democracy and civil rights.

Street rallies are prohibited on the grounds of disease control. Due to social pressure, face masks have become an obsession even when one is outdoors in the countryside, or alone in the car.

The few unvaccinated people are constantly plagued by QR scanners in front of every store and building entrance.

Maybe these actions can help save vulnerable people, but there will be a cost to everyone.

Like any other natural phenomenon, Covid-19 looks like a long and complex game to watch. This will have far-reaching consequences for all aspects of society, so it is too early to say who did better than whom.

Cho Jinseo
Seoul, South Korea

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