Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

The BBC’s excellent decision to relaunch short wave radio news broadcasts to Russia and Ukraine deserves our warm support and applause (“How to puncture Russia’s disinformation bubble”, FT ViewMarch 14).

Receiving a short wave signal is almost risk free. Unless a censor or security policeman catches the listener in the act of listening, use of a radio receiver is not traceable. There is no two-way communication as there must be when a user connects to the internet. BBC short wave can be as valuable to Vladimir Putin’s brave opponents in this terrible war as it was to European resistance movements during the second world war. Of course, BBC World Service’s relaunch of this historic means of transmission also reaffirms the value of our national broadcaster. I hope and believe the Johnson government has noticed.

Professor Tim Luckhurst
Principal, South College
Durham University, Durham, UK

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