Sat. May 28th, 2022

The British Chamber of Commerce is to be congratulated for making sensible proposals on improving UK access to the EU single market (“Five Ways to Reduce EU-UK Trade Friction”,, January 20).

Switzerland is firmly outside the EU treaty and guards its sovereignty, but has still gained access to much of its business to the internal market.

The BCC should not rest on its laurels, but should now get its member firms to contact MPs in each constituency, with seminars bringing in trade experts to find out what can be done.

This is important for all MPs after Rachel Reeves, Labor’s shadow chancellor, said it would be 50 years before her party could “see the circumstances” under which it would rejoin the world’s largest market (MaintenanceJanuary 20).

It is worth remembering that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, both in a statement made in January 2013 when David Cameron announced the referendum on Britain’s EU membership and then in a newspaper article just after the 2016 vote, said that leaving the EU treaty does not mean we are lost. access to the internal market.

Denis MacShane
Former Minister of Europe
London SW1, United Kingdom

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