Thu. May 19th, 2022

Alan Beattie is concerned that the US is particularly vulnerable to “activist industrial policy” (“US more vulnerable to error of intervention than EU and Japan”, Global insight, January 20). He must be assured: we see sham government, not sincere attempts to relocate.

Take the official list of critical minerals, where geology crosses politics. The removal of helium and uranium in the 2021 version compiled by the Home Office provoked objections, while the addition of nickel and zinc raised a question: why not copper as well? Ironically, it does not cause a single thing to be placed on the list. No financing, no tax preferences, no acquisition, no subsidy.

Building more electric vehicles domestically simply increases the demand for such minerals. Until Washington, as we say in the US, “puts the pedal on ‘strategic’ metal”, self-sufficiency policies are at stake.

Tristan Abbey
Alexandria, VA, USA

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