Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

The world is in a dangerous and urgent moment in the Covid-19 pandemic. The Delta variant has spread rapidly to more than 130 countries, indicating that we are fighting a virus that does not respect borders and is rapidly advancing across continents.

The best way to prevent further catastrophe is to dramatically reduce global cases and slow down the spread of the virus through widespread global vaccination, combined with other public health measures. Unequal access to high-quality vaccines and the ability to administer them prolongs the pandemic and destabilizes economies and societies around the world.

We therefore call on world leaders to convene a global summit at this year’s UN General Assembly and commit to taking action to make 7 billion doses of high quality vaccines available before the end of 2021 and an extra dose of 7 billion by mid-2022; ensure that each country is ready by the end of this year to implement fair vaccination programs on a large scale; and by the middle of 2022, 70 percent of the world population will be vaccinated. People everywhere should also have fair access to tests, therapies and other proven interventions so that lives can be saved using all Covid-19 instruments.

A global pandemic requires a global attack plan. The summit should ensure the commitments and actions needed to close the supply of vaccines, financing and capacity gaps. Soon there will be enough high quality vaccine to ensure that all countries can meet the needs of their own citizens and also make a global effort to vaccinate everyone. Urgent steps must be taken to increase the distribution and delivery capacity of countries, which will become the main constraint in the race between vaccines and variants.

Therefore, we need a comprehensive response to the current crisis, which will also strengthen the health systems and preparedness for the next pandemic.

We’re in a race against time. Without immediate action, there will be millions of infections and deaths, and new variants may emerge and the immunity of the vaccine may permeate. We, the undersigned, call on world leaders to agree on a common framework for urgent global action by all governments and leaders in the private sector, to end the pandemic – everywhere.

Ana Botín
Executive Chairman, Banco Santander

Jeremy Hunt
Former British Foreign and Health Secretary

Mo Ibrahim |
Founder and Chairman, Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Pascal Lamy
President of the Paris Peace Forum and former Director-General of the WTO

Robert B Zoellick
Former President of the World Bank

Gary Edson
President, COVID Collaborative and former U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser

Mark McClellan
Director, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, Duke University, and former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Caroiyn Reynolds
Co-founder, Pandemic Action Network

Eloise Todd
Co-founder, Pandemic Action Network

Krishna Udayakumar
Director, Duke Global Health Innovation Center, Duke University

Ayoade Alakija
Co-Chair, African Union Africa Vaccine Delivery Alliance, Alliance for Covid-19

Emily Bancroft
President, VillageReach

Georges Benjamin
Executive Director, American Public Health Association

Don Berwick
Former Administrator, Medicare & Medicaid Services Centers

Simon Bland
Chief Executive Officer, Global Institute for Disimination

James Boomgard
President and CEO, DAI

Ian Boyd
Professor, University of St Andrews

John Bridgeland
CEO, Covid Collaborative

Larry Briljant
CEO, Pandefense Advisory, and senior advisor, Skoll Foundation

Robert Califf
Professor of Cardiology, Duke University School of Medicine, and former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Anthony Costello
Professor of Global Health and Sustainable Development, University College London

Cindy Cox-Roman
CEO, HelpAge USA

Mark Cutifani
CEO, Anglo American Plc

Polly Dunford
President and CEO, IntraHealth International

Mark Dybul
Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University, and former head of PEPFAR and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

John Edmunds
Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Kevin Ellis
Senior Partner and Chairman, PwC UK

Ezekiel J Emanuel
Underprovos for Global Initiatives, Co-Director, Healthcare Transformation Institute, Levy University Professor, Perelman School of Medicine and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and former Special Adviser on Health Policy, Office of Management and Budget and National Economic Council

Michael Ferguson
Professor, University of Dundee

Julio Frenk
President of the University of Miami and former Minister of Health of Mexico

William deadline
Former United States Senator (R-TN) and former Senate Majority Leader

Monica Gandhi
Professor of Medicine and Co-Head of the Division for HIV, Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine at UCSF

Earl Gast
Chairman, University Research Co., LLC

Helene Gayle
President and CEO, The Chicago Community Trust

Bruce Gellin
Head, Global Public Health Strategy, The Rockefeller Foundation

Nikolaj Gilbert
President and CEO, PATH

Amanda Glassman
Executive Vice President, Global Development Center, CEO of CGD Europe and Senior Fellow

Karen Goraleski
CEO, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Scott Gottlieb
Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, and former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Margaret (Peggy) Hamburg
Former United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, and former Secretary of State for the National Academy of Medicine

Tom Hart
Acting CEO, ONE

Andrew Hayward
Professor of Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology and Inclusion of Health Research, University College London

Liz Jarman
Chief Executive Officer, Living Goods

Salim S Abdool Karim
Director, Center for the AIDS Research Program in South Africa, and member of the African Union’s Commission on Covid-19

Jimmy Kolker
Former Assistant Secretary, Global Affairs, Department of Health and Human Services

Jack Leslie
Chairman, Weber Shandwick

Gary Lineker
English former professional footballer and current sports broadcaster

Peter Mandelson
Former British Foreign Secretary and EU Trade Commissioner

Stanley A. McChrystal
General, U.S. Army (Retired)

Michael Merson
Wolfgang Joklik Professor of Global Health, Duke Global Health Institute,
Duke University

Jamie Bay Nishi
Director, Global Health Technologies Coalition

Michelle Nunn
President and CEO, CARE USA

Christina Pagel
Professor and Director of the Unit for Clinical Operational Research, University College London

Bjorg Palsdottir
CEO, Network Training Network: THEnet

Daniel B Peterson
Executive Director (Interim), Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, and Anesthesia Care

Deenan Pillay
Professor of Virology and Pro-Vice-Provost International, University College London

Guy Poppy
Scientific Head of the UK Food Standards Agency, and Co-Vice President, University of Southampton

Venki ramakrishnan
Group Leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Malcolm Rifkind
Former British Foreign Secretary and Secretary of Defense

Reeta Roy
President and CEO, Mastercard Foundation

Kathleen Sebelius
Former United States Secretary of Health and Human Services

Bobby Shriver
Co-founder, ONE & (RED)

Rachel Silverman
Policy Partner, Center for Global Development

Andy Slavitt
Former Senior Counselor for COVID-19 Response Coordinator, and Former Acting Administrator, Medicare & Medicaid Services Centers

Marian Wentworth
President and CEO, Health Management Management Sciences

Michelle A Williams
Dean of the Faculty, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, and co-founder, COVID Collaborative

Prashant Yadav
Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

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