Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

GM can replace Thousands of bolt EV batteries, But for most of them you don’t have to lift the tab. There are automakers An agreement has been reached That LG will bear almost all costs Chevy Bolt EV and EUV, GM estimates that LG will “offset” 9 1.9 billion to 2 billion. GM will recognize the financial recovery in its third-quarter earnings.

The brand says it is happy to make a deal with a “valuable and respected supplier”. That being said, there is little doubt that GM is using the deal to blame – it insisted that the recall was requested by LG Battery due to a “production error”. LG has touched on anode and cathode-anode separator issues, which, together, could increase the likelihood of battery burning.

LG has since solved the battery problem and Resume production. The cost of immediate withdrawal may be negligible. Both companies have earned their relatively fragile reputation in the field of electric vehicles – not particularly good for GM when its two main EVs have to be removed from the road, if only briefly. GM’s Hummer EV and electric pickup That may correct the picture, but it won’t help much in the short term.

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