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LG OLED 2022

Pictures: LG

LG is updating its fleet of OLED TVs at CES, and while the underlying technology remains largely the same, the company’s 2022 lineup has made some tempting improvements.

Featuring the latest generation of OLED Evo, LG’s self-emitting pixel technology, the G2 and C2 TV series already promise to improve by adopting premier display technology and providing superior brightness. This is achieved through better heat dissipation and more advanced algorithms, LG claims.

OLED panels offer perfect black layers, bright colors and exceptional contrast ratios, but they are not as bright as their LCD counterparts. Panel makers have taken great steps in recent years to make OLED TVs more visible in bright conditions, and now LG claims that they have taken another big step forward.

Beyond the photo enhancements, LG’s flagship G2 series is now available to go with the new 83-inch option on the 97-inch model. More affordable C-Series TVs go in the opposite direction, adding “the world’s first” 42-inch OLED TV to a collection of six sizes up to 83 inches. We haven’t seen the new TV in person yet, but LG says the C-Series has a thinner bezel than before.

LG OLED 2022

Pictures: LG

Other updates are less visible. The TVs now run on an Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor that LG claims uses deep learning to enhance performance and give images a more “3D” look, combined with improved virtual surround sound. This is something that sounds great in a press release but needs to be seen in person to be believed.

LG’s smart TV platform is also attracting some attention. The latest version, webOS 22, adds personal profiles so you can only see the streaming services you want to see, not what your roommates are watching. It will also give you more useful suggestions, so you won’t see anything on Apple TV + when you want to watch endlessly. Ted Lasso.

Some TVs conveniently have Chromecast built-in, but LG takes a different approach to calling it NFC Magic Tap, a feature that lets you mirror your smartphone’s screen. This is not new, but now you can mirror cable or satellite content from one LG TV to another TV via WiFi. There’s also something new “Always Ready” on 2022 TV, which lets you display artwork, a watch, or play music by pressing the power button on the LG Remote.

LG OLED 2022

Pictures: LG

Probably more important than any of these new features is support for Matter, the new smart home standard that is designed to make all your smart gadgets interoperable. Matter lets you control devices through a simple interface, and the major players from Apple, Amazon, Samsung and Google are already on board.

LG’s TVs are one of the best options for gamers in recent consoles, and newer models will now come with the ability to switch between game-specific features and settings, such as the TV Game Optimizer menu for G-Sync, FreeSync and VRR. In this menu, you will find a new dark room mode, which adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the light of your environment.

LG is also expanding its lineup of QNED miniLED TVs, using LG’s Quantum Dot Nanocell technology. You won’t find the perfect black and infinite contrast ratio, but these panels are much brighter than OLED’s and don’t burn out. Be careful though, because not every QNED TV will use miniLED technology.

Prices and specific release dates will be revealed as the new TV launch approaches this spring.

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