Tue. May 24th, 2022

Police say at least 29 people have been killed in the disaster in a suburb of the Liberian capital, but there are fears the toll could rise.

Dozens of people were killed in a stampede at a religious event in the suburbs of Liberia’s capital, officials said.

Local media reported Thursday the overnight disaster occurred at the rally held on a soccer field in New Kru Town, just north of Monrovia. It was not immediately clear what caused the rush.

Moses Carter, police spokesperson, said at least 29 people had died in the disaster, but the toll was provisional and “could increase”.

The country’s deputy minister of information gave the same death toll.

“The doctors said 29 people were killed and some were on the critical list,” Jalawah Tonpo said, calling on state radio from a nearby hospital. “This is a sad day for the country,” Tonpo added.

Local media reports said children were among those killed in the Christian prayer meeting, known in Liberia as a “crusade”.

President George Weah is expected to visit the site on Thursday afternoon, his press office said.

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