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Life360, a popular Tracking applications that Bill himself The “World’s Leading Family Safety Service” is reportedly selling location data to 31 million families and children using it to data brokers. Chilling revelation tile bluetooth tracker users can do, which is happening Purchased by Life360, Think twice before continuing to use the device.

Life360’s data sales practices have been exposed in a shocking report Markup On monday. The report claims that Life360 sells its users’ location data to about a dozen data brokers, some of whom have sold data to US government contractors. Data brokers then proceed to sell location data to “virtually anyone who wants to buy it.” Life 360 ​​One of the largest sources of information for the industry, the outlet has been found.

While the sale of family and child location data is already a concern, even more alarming is the fact that Life360 is reportedly failing to take steps to protect the privacy of the data it sells. This could potentially allow location data, which the company says anonymously, will be linked to its people.

It is important to note that Life360 expresses in its privacy policy that it sells data received from users. However, they may not realize that their data may end up in the hands of anyone who wants to buy it, or their identities may be revealed. Life360 maintains that its agreements prohibit its data broker clients from re-identifying users.

Based on interviews with Markup Life360’s former employees and data brokers’ former employees who reportedly bought data from the company, All of which were provided anonymously.

Chris Hulls, Life360’s CEO, told the Markup that the company could not “confirm or deny” the accuracy that it was one of the largest sources of data for the industry. He also said selling location data allowed it to offer free services. These included Location Sharing, Location ETA, Family Driving Report, Two Day Location History and Battery Monitoring etc.

“We see data as an important part of our business model that allows most of our users to have access to basic Life360 services for free, including features that have improved driver safety and saved countless lives,” Hulls said.

Life360 told Gizmodo on Monday That it is creating a response to the markup report. It claimed that the outlet’s report was full of misinformation and inaccuracies that it was taking the next step. In addition, Life360 confirmed that a small portion of the information provided by the outlet was included in the report and published citations. Was not accurate and was taken out of context.

Nevertheless, according to the markup, selling family and children’s location data has proven to be an important financial lifeline for Life360. The outlet said Life360 struggled to make a profit and reported a loss of $ 16.3 million last year.

Case in point: Life360 earned $ 693,000 by selling location data in 2016, but that amount now seems trivial. In 2020, the company found মার্ক 16 million, or 20% of its revenue, markup by selling location data. On top of that, it earned $ 6 million from a partnership with it Ariti, a mobility data and analytics firm founded by Allstate, That year

As far as tiles go, Hulls, CEO of Life 360, told Markup that the company has no plans to sell location data from Tile devices.

You can view the markup report Completely here.

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