Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Despite the fake press release otherwise claiming, Not accepting For payment anytime soon. The price of cryptocurrency has risen briefly by 20 percent due to counterfeit releases, before it went down.

The press release was published in the newswear distribution network Globe Newswire, which later withdrew the false announcement and issued a notice to ignore it. A Walmart spokesman said The press release was fake and the company asked Globe Newswire how it was distributed in the first place.

Walmart did not post the announcement on its own website, and the press release listed an email address with a website that did not work. Engadget contacted Intrado, the owner of Walmart and Globe Newswear, for comment.

If the person who sent the fake press release had a cryptocurrency wallet with lightcoins, they might have made a perfect kill. There is no doubt that this was a creative way to raise the price of a cryptocurrency, but perhaps it was not the most intelligent idea. It could investigate from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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